Sunday, April 09, 2006

Losing my "blog" virginity.

I met a really awesome kid at the conference I went to in Toledo. He told me I should keep a journal, like a hundred other people I have met in the past, but this time I decided I would listen. Listening isn't really my style, but in the past I never did it because I hated my handwriting and I would write in bed and it was uncomfortable. Since I'm addicted to my computer anyways, I thought I'd give it a try.

I've never done this, but I've thought about it. Would people like what I wrote, would I let everyone read it, are my thoughts too personal for the web? I feel like I'm giving away my virginity. Obviously I control what I write, but there is nothing keep the outside world out anymore and I like the world to stay out of my life. It's safer that way, like not having sex is safer too. I can't get hurt.

This conference, although full of nerds, (honestly, it was for honors college kids) was incredibly entertaining. I mostly humored myself, but I met some awesome new friends that helped too. I went to the Toledo Art Museum, socialized with the guards, of course. My two friends and I went to the Mud Hens (minor league baseball team in Toledo) and after being told we could not go in by the ticket sales lady, we proceeded to get a personal tour of the entire park by Roger, a friendly usher that happened to walk by us in the gift shop. I am convinced, especially after this weekend, that a smile...or boobs go a long way.

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Mark Becker said...

i added you to my favourites list. now we can comment on each others blogs and raise each others self esteem by pretending that other people actually read what we are writing...