Thursday, July 23, 2009

Short update.

I just got back from the Expedition America trip with Rob and Highland High School. I am a little overwhelmed because I have a lot piled up for Israel. Plus, I am going to Hawaii and Mt. Vernon before that. I am trying to get everything situated, but really I want to relax, but I will have to push that off for another day.

Tomorrow I am going to the Israeli Consulate, which is only open for 2 hours a day......but I am not complaining. I have been doing some awesome things and learning so much. I wouldn't want life to be any other way.

EA hiking.

On top of Statton Mountain in the look out tower! We were high upppppppp!

I'm super cute.

On the whale watching boat with Erin!

I'm very excited to be riding this donkey!
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More EA

In front of the home where John Adams (2nd President) was born!!!

In the Atlantic with Tim, Billy, and Rob!!!

The four "Jews" on the trip....

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Expedition America 2009 - Vermont/Boston

At Plimouth Plantation (where the pilgrims landed.)

Jen and me near the Old North Bridge.

Rob and me with Boston in the background after whale watching!!!!!!
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Monday, July 06, 2009

This monument is massive.......

I don't get it, but it was cool.

Our car broke...but they fixed it!
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Past few days

Tolga, Me, Özer, and my mom!!
Me and my momma!
Efes library!
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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dinner over looking Izmir

Özer, president of their Rotaract Club!

View of Izmir at night!

Our new Turkish friends. =) Bariş hosted us at his home in Izmir. Everything else was just as perfect.
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We're very excited....

With my momma!!

The three of us in the calcium water!

Things you don't want to see at Pamukkale......
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