Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Daily News

So, they published my little response. The best part...they called me Andrew, THREE times!!!!! Cool...

Monday, August 28, 2006

A response I wrote to an article in the Daily News.

In response to Jason Hoskin’s column Israel’s attack on Lebanon necessary, I don’t believe the issue is as simply as supporting one side or the other, Israel or Hezbollah. The issues in the Middle East may seem complex, but the origins are a continual universal problem. Groups of people in the Middle East are without necessities. The Lebanese government is not providing its citizens with basic amenities to live comfortably. There is not enough food, water, or shelter in the area to live secure lives. As history has proven, without security people will rebel and gain these items anyway possible. Since Hezbollah is the only group in the region providing food, shelter, and jobs; the group is easily gaining more power than ever before. The same thing is happening in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians are living under great human rights violations and thus the Hamas are becoming more influential. The organization has no need to recruit members when on one side of the fence Israeli’s have lush green grass; while in Gaza, clean drinking water is barely accessible. It is easier to blame people who are living well and to point fingers than to actually fix the problem. Israel is targeted in the region because it is a prosperous country that is not helping clean up any messes.

Yet, this is not unique to the Middle East. It is proven that hate organizations in the US, such as the Ku Klux Klan, target people who are without jobs, shelter, and basic needs. These people are desperate and are willing to do anything to be provided with security even if that involves violent acts. Also, after WWI, the US left Germany helpless, without any hope of a future. As in Lebanon and Gaza, hate groups formed and targeted successful groups of people. As a result, the country was so lost, Hitler easily came to power by providing citizens with basic needs they had not had for years. After WWII, the US rebuilt Europe and Japan. By providing Europeans and Japanese with provisions they had not previously had the US assured that peace could be restored. Why aren’t we helping rebuild Gaza and Lebanon?

The problems in the Middle East and the origins of the terrorist groups are complex, but to move in a peaceful direction, people must be provided with jobs in order for them to buy food, clothing, and shelter. If the 15,000 Lebanese soldiers Hoskin speaks of would provide citizens with these necessities and/or the government would create jobs, the people would back the government and not the terrorist organization in the region making recruitment nearly impossible. Right now, Hezbollah is the only political group providing jobs to citizens, but the jobs they are providing usually include a homeless fifteen year old boy and an AK47.


What's up with bombs exploiding in the countries I want to go to...?

I really don't want to pick new places to go for Rotary (again).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rain and Rabbis

It rained tonight, a lot...

Is it weird that I want to be a rabbi? I think it's weird.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Temple Beth El

Let's just say that Friday night service was fabulous. Larry, the flamboyantly gay (irrelevant) one-man-show opera, prayer singing, tambourine slamming, cantor, was on vacation. The new 24 year old student Rabbi, Lisa, led the beautiful service. She was so sincere about the prayers and adorable when apologizing for a mispronunciation. When we said the prayer for healing, I almost cried because Nelly is in recovery for hip surgery. I was a little emotional tonight, probably because I was alone and no one would have judged me. If I was with friends, that would have never happened.

Everyone was so welcoming and overjoyed that I'm going to be the liaison for Hillel. I think it's going to be a great semester. Right when I'm actually making some real connections with people in the community, it will be time to go to a different country. At least I'll be more prepared when I'm abroad. On September 10th, we're going to help clean up outside the temple to get ready for the High Holidays. I finally feel that the temple really wants the students to be involved. It's only taken four years!

I talked to my parents and aunt on my way home, everyone is happy and healthy. Life is good. =)

Finally Friday!

The week really flew. Being back on a schedule is a beautiful thing. I workout everyday at two after my classes. Go home, do some homework, go to whatever meetings, shower, go to bed. It's exciting, obviously, but I love it this way.

There are way too many non-traditional students in my classes and I want to shoot them already. I love when they tell a joke that isn't funny and they're the only ones that laugh. Although, I usually laugh after that, at how ridiculous they are.

My president's class will be all right. I'm the only history student in the class, which is rather disappointing. I don't want to be the asshole student that knows more than everyone else. But they did enjoy the George Washington cookies I made. I'm going to make Thomas Jefferson one's next! YUM! My teacher said we'd get extra credit if we named all the presidents in order and the years they served. I think I could name them all, but definitely not the years, not yet at least.

My mom received the bridesmaid's dresses in the mail! That's a whole lotta pink! But for how bring the pink is, they're very beautiful dresses. I'm sure we'll all look gorgeous. Katie couldn't have picked more attractive bridal party. (I'm clearly biased, haha)

I'm going to temple tonight. I'm going to be the Hillel/Temple liaison for the fall semester. I have to go the first Tuesday of every month, which is not a big commitment at all. It'll be nice to get to know some more members and be an advocate for Hillel. Jessica is doing a great job as president and I'm excited to see where Hillel is headed.

Tomorrow, Holly, Jena, Mik, and I are going to the Farmer's Market, then I'll bake a little, go to crochet class, then DeAnna and I are going to hang out until she works the desk. It'll be a good day!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

THE 100 MOST ANNOYING THINGS (according to the British)

THE 100 MOST ANNOYING THINGS (compliments of Rick, I thought it was funny.)
1. Cold callers
2. Caravans
3. Queue jumpers
4. James Blunt
5. Traffic wardens
6. Tailgaters
7. Brown nosers
8. Chantelle and Preston
9. Ex-smokers
10. Noisy neighbours
11. Hangovers
12. Carol Vorderman (above)
13. Loud mobile users
14. Men in flip-flops
15. Paper cuts
16. Bad hair days
17. Breaking wind
18. Abi Titmuss (right)
19. Off milk
20. Being put on hold
21. Motorcyclists who weave through traffic
22. Drivers who park in disabled bays
23. Rude shop assistants
24. People who read over your shoulder
25. Skinny people who complain they are fat
26. Stepping in dog poo
27. Big Brother 5
28. Noisy eaters
29. People who don't clear up after their dog
30. Slow drivers in the outside lane
31. Junk mail
32. Bossiness
33. Novelty ring tones
34. Somebody nicking your parking spot
35. Diahorrea
36. Debt companies
37. Snobs
38. Jehovah's Witnesses
39. Running out of loo roll
40. People who have their phone turned off when you call them
41. Mosquitoes (right)
42. Buses not arriving on time
43. Children who cough in your face
44. Being bloated
45. Leaving your mobile at home
46. Americans
47. David Blane
48. Spots
49. Stepping in chewing gum
50. Running out of hot water
51. Wasps
52. Headaches
53. Crazy Frog
54. London Tube
55. Losing your glasses
56. Warm beer
57. CDs that skip
58. Paper jam
59. Bottled water
60. Sunburn
61. Running out .. of change
62. People who .. text in capitals
63. Estate agents
64. Stubbing your toe
65. Rubbish printers
66. Flat tyres
67. People who write 'text back' in texts
68. Breaking a nail
69. Russell Brand
70. The Teletubbies
71. A pen which has run out of ink
72. Cat hair that sticks to your clothes
73. Running out of petrol
74. Flatmates who don't clean
75. Heat rash
76. Losing your passport
77. Natasha Kaplinsky
78. Being hungry
79. Tax returns
80. Road works
81. Cramp
82. Shoppers hitting your heels with their trolley
83. Failing your driving test
84. Burning toast
85. Cold showers
86. Scientology
87. Not being able to find a matching pair of socks
88. Missing the last post
89. Chihuahuas
90. Karaoke
91. Stomach ache
92. PDA (public displays of affection)
93. Craig David
94. Secret workers before exams
95. Socialists
96. Pimped up cars
97. Getting something in your eye
98. Out-of-tune singers
99. Hollyoaks
100. Fake fingernails

Monday, August 21, 2006

First day...

Let's just say, my classes are awesome. I have Middle East history with Dr. Argo, who happens to be quite attractive. He's also funny and intelligent. I have no doubt I'll thoroughly enjoy the class. He also happened to have spent 4 months are the university in Turkey that I would like to attend next year. But I'm also looking at Sabanci University in Istanbul, based on his suggestion. So, we'll see...

My class of Modern Britain class is already fabulous. My teacher is really excited about the topic and spent the summer in London. She already brought in some cute artifacts. Neither class has a research paper, only four five page response things. Very easy.

I'm going to play tennis tonight with Katie and her RAs. I love being on a schedule again!!!!

My one roommate keeps getting louder and more annoying everyday. =) The other is the opposite though, we're getting along really well and I find her less obnoxious (I never disliked her though) the more we live together. I really really like her, and her boyfriend.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I love my parents. I really do. I know I complain a lot and I'm selfish on many levels, but they are truly amazing people. I'm clueless to how they actually ended up together, but if it works for them, then it doesn't matter to me.

The whole time I was home they went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed. I know I get aggravated with them, but everything they do is out of love. I feel like no matter what I do, I'll never have as much patience with them as I'd like. I'll snap back at them, but no apparent reason and then feel horribly about it afterwards. I'm better about it now, than when I was younger, but even if I keep improving, I'm sure I'll never feel like I love them enough.

On a side note, my new Rotary choices are as follows:

Istanbul, Turkey
Cairo, Egypt

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chicago (Day 2), Redamak, and Oinks!

Today was great again. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, rode our bikes along the lake front, and enjoyed the beautiful Chicago breeze. When we got home (on our completely traffic-free drive) we went to Nelly's for her wonderful baking. Then we went to Redamak's and Oinks with a stop at the Michigan beach in between!!

Chicago!!! Day 1!

We went to Millennium Park, in the fountains and by the bean!! We went to the Museum of Science and Industry and saw the DaVinci Exhibit and we saw the trains (which Matt loved) and the chicks hatching!! We had a blast, the South Shore always comes through!! We ate Ghirardelli's, which was as wonderful as ever!! We're going up today to bike on the lake front and go to Navy Pier. We're going to dinner in Michigan tonight!! It will be a blast! I can't wait!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Rachel, Matt and Andrea in INDIANA!!

The sunset in the dunes was one of the best ever!! You can see the city in the background!! We're having a great time so far, hopefully we'll get enough sleep!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Israel - No more...

"Dear Andrea,
We have received your application and noticed that your first and second choices of study institution are in Israel. We regret that we cannot assign scholars to or allow Rotary staff to travel to Israel because of the current political situatation there. The Rotary Trustees made this decision to protect Rotary scholars and staff. We therefore request that you send us two alternate choices. If you wish, you may rearrange your current choices to make the University of Sydney your first choice, etc. In any case, please send us two alternate choices to make a complete list of five. Other countries in the region to which we cannot send scholars now are Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Liberia, Sudan and Yemen.

You can just respond to this email to finalize your list. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. "

So now I'm thinking Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Fukuoka, Japan; or Osaka, Japan. All cultural or international studies.

What do you think? Kyushu University Osaka - Japan - Vietnam National University


I think this link has it's own bias, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I think it'll work now...

I felted this purse, I learned in crochet class. It looks a little ugly in the picture, but in reality it's rather cute. I started another one tonight. It'll be ivory and brown, and wide and short.

Rick helped me out with Fireworks, so I'm hoping the picture will work now! =)

This is my room. It's rather small, but I really don't need a lot of space. The bed is really low to the ground right now because I don't have a bed frame, but I'm waiting for my parents to come and help me.

Today I walked to Marsh and bought quite a few baking products. Getting caught in the rain is always enjoyable. The smell is so refreshing and you don't have to shower. (Just kidding) I dried myself off and proceeded to bake. Since I'm a little OCD, I can't bake with anyone else. Doing it my own way is my style and I don't like when others try to help. I'm sure that's a surprise to everyone. I laid out all the ingredients, and accomplished a lot with out an electric mixer. I made James Buchanan's Apee Cookies, cranberry/white chocolate chip/oatmeal bars, and Mrs. Field's chocolate filled sugar cookies. Being the dessert lover that I am, I must say they were all wonderful! Of course I'm biased because I picked things I would like, but they do say the baker is the worst critic. I had confirmation from the ladies at knitting/crochet class that everything was fabulous. The women there are so adorable, I love having older people to converse. I really do miss my mom a lot. Katie never really opens up the same way we do. I don't know if it's because she went to college, leaving me at home for two years to bond with my parents. Even before that though Katie wasn't as open. That's probably why I ask so many questions, since she never offered information. I'm sure my pestering has helped her huge expanse of patience, which I altogether lack.

My friend sent me a message today that he's not mad at me, and that feels great, even though I swore I didn't care.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I posted this picture so I could change the one on my profile, but it's too big. So there is no reason to have this post. But I like the picture, so I'll leave it. I would have been able to change it, but I don't have photoshop anymore and I can't figure out how to minimize the size on Fireworks. What a dilemma!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sigma Chi

Our last conference of the summer consisted of 1,200 Sigma Chi guys from all over North America, and one from Australia.

I loved it, they're all adorable. Clearly, there were some that were ugly, but for the most part, they were so polite and respectful. Being one of five females in the whole building does give me some leverage. I was very impressed. I was expecting rude, gross, vulgar (at some were) but a majority were great guys.

After doing room checks, I came out with an extra $24.49 in my pocket. Not too bad for doing a job that's required!

I also drove a wallet to the Indy airport and got to fill up my tank and I got $20 extra!! Holla...(clearly I'm a little hyper, or I wouldn't have said that.)