Friday, August 25, 2006

Finally Friday!

The week really flew. Being back on a schedule is a beautiful thing. I workout everyday at two after my classes. Go home, do some homework, go to whatever meetings, shower, go to bed. It's exciting, obviously, but I love it this way.

There are way too many non-traditional students in my classes and I want to shoot them already. I love when they tell a joke that isn't funny and they're the only ones that laugh. Although, I usually laugh after that, at how ridiculous they are.

My president's class will be all right. I'm the only history student in the class, which is rather disappointing. I don't want to be the asshole student that knows more than everyone else. But they did enjoy the George Washington cookies I made. I'm going to make Thomas Jefferson one's next! YUM! My teacher said we'd get extra credit if we named all the presidents in order and the years they served. I think I could name them all, but definitely not the years, not yet at least.

My mom received the bridesmaid's dresses in the mail! That's a whole lotta pink! But for how bring the pink is, they're very beautiful dresses. I'm sure we'll all look gorgeous. Katie couldn't have picked more attractive bridal party. (I'm clearly biased, haha)

I'm going to temple tonight. I'm going to be the Hillel/Temple liaison for the fall semester. I have to go the first Tuesday of every month, which is not a big commitment at all. It'll be nice to get to know some more members and be an advocate for Hillel. Jessica is doing a great job as president and I'm excited to see where Hillel is headed.

Tomorrow, Holly, Jena, Mik, and I are going to the Farmer's Market, then I'll bake a little, go to crochet class, then DeAnna and I are going to hang out until she works the desk. It'll be a good day!

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