Monday, January 31, 2011


Nothing was wrong in the blood test, maybe it's just a really bad head for my stomach..I have no idea. But I did sleep until 4pm today =) 

Sunday, January 30, 2011


So even though I was feeling better...I'm still sick. No more diarrhea though. But I have a sore throat, my whole head hurts. And I am having really bad sweats at night.

I went to a different doctor this time, she is MUCH better. I am going to get a blood test tomorrow and some other things coming up to get to the bottom of whatever this is. I'm very happy I switched doctors, this other guy was really worthless.

Hopefully I will be back to normal soon! =) 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Israeli Doctors

I went to the doctor today in Haifa because I have had diarrhea for four days (thanks for sharing, I know) and he told me not to eat...I was like, you're brilliant.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bahai - more

The Bahá'í Faith is the youngest of the world's independent religions. Its founder, Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892), is regarded by Bahá'ís as the most recent in the line of Messengers of God that stretches back beyond recorded time and that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad.

Beautiful sculpture in the garden.

The central theme of Bahá'u'lláh's message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Bahá'u'lláh said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization. The principal challenge facing the peoples of the earth is to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist the processes of unification.

One of the purposes of the Bahá'í Faith is to help make this possible. A worldwide community of some five million Bahá'ís, representative of most of the nations, races and cultures on earth, is working to give Bahá'u'lláh's teachings practical effect. Their experience will be a source of encouragement to all who share their vision of humanity as one global family and the earth as one homeland.

Entrance. - all information is from this website
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After 6 years...

After six years of anticipation, I finally went into the Shrine of the Bab. When I was 19 and on my Birthright trip, I went to the Bahai gardens, but no one had told us to wear pants or a skirt, so I couldn't go in. But TODAY I went!! The inner gardens are just as beautiful as the upper and lower.

This is the view from right in front of the shrine...not too shabby!

Basic Teachings of Bahá'u'lláh

Bahá'u'lláh taught that there is one God whose successive revelations of His will to humanity have been the chief civilizing force in history. The agents of this process have been the Divine Messengers whom people have seen chiefly as the founders of separate religious systems but whose common purpose has been to bring the human race to spiritual and moral maturity.
Humanity is now coming of age. It is this that makes possible the unification of the human family and the building of a peaceful, global society. Among the principles which the Bahá'í Faith promotes as vital to the achievement of this goal are

The door outside the shrine.

The inside of the shrine is very plain. There are two rooms, an outer room to pray, and the inner room where he is actually buried. There are beautiful chandeliers and other adornments, but none of them are religious symbols. There is also a prayer of visitation that Bahai recite when they visit the second holiest place in their religion. There were also huge vases with hundreds of roses, red and white, but not mixed.  Simply, elegant, and beautiful.

Not the best picture I have taken of myself, but I wanted to prove I was there! - all information is from this website
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Monday, January 17, 2011

A long vacation

I actually didn't take a vacation, I just haven't written anything in quite sometime.  There is no particular reason for this, I wasn't any more or less busy than usual, I just haven't reported much.  So here are a few updates:

Over the weekend I went to Beer Sheva to see Roi! On Saturday he turned 25!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to wish him a belated happy birthday! I got him an awesome camping/hiking backpack because I am slowly turning him into a traveler! He is going to go all over the world with me. I told him he needs a big backpack because he will be carrying most of the heavy things! ;-) We didn't do so much on his birthday because he had a big test the next day, but it was still nice to be together and relax!

My parents got Roi a cubs jersey for Christmas!!!!!!! He looked awesome!!!!!! He's becoming so American already!!

That night I refereed a football game in Sderot, it is less than 6 miles from Gaza and we were instructed that if a siren rang we had 15 seconds to run to the safe houses, if nothing happened, the game would resume at the previous down. I was glad that they told us that last bit, because if there was a kasam, I certainly wouldn't care about which down we stopped at!

Also, speaking of football, can you believe the Bears are playing the Packers?!??!!!!!!!!! My parents are throwing a party! I wish I was there for the festivities. Of course, I want the Packers to win!!!!!!!!!!

Ulpan is going well. Our teacher gave us "report cards" this week. Mine was very good, a little high in my opinion. She said I understand everything perfectly, and I would tend to disagree. She also said that my writing is much better than my speaking, which I have to agree with. Speaking is not my strong suit.  She asked if it was the same with English, if my writing was stronger than my speaking, I told her no, I was wonderful at speaking English!

On January 10th, I went to Jerusalem for my interview at Pardes for the Pardes Educator's Program (PEP). I was unofficially accepted! I will start in September and study there, in Jerusalem, for three years! It'll be the longest I have lived in the same city since Muncie!!!!!!! I hope there are more things to do in Jerusalem! ;-) The program will teach me all sorts of Jewish studies and train me to teach in a Jewish Day School in the US. 

The absolute WORST part about living in Israel is being so far from Jack! I really have a hard time being away from him. He is growing so fast and I will never be able to see him at this stage in his life.  A lot of my free time I spend watching him on YouTube, so thank you Katie and Rick for keeping me updated! He is crawling now and starting to talk. It is really killing me to not be there with him. (I also miss my family, I feel like I can't call my sister and parents enough.) August can't come soon enough!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Who knew Israel had so much water?

Julia, Jonah, Simon, and Rebecca in the preserve.

Kind of looks like home in the dunes.

Water? Israel?

I had a wonderful two and a half days with the Johnson's. What an incredible family! Can't wait to see them in August in Chicago. And of course, Happy New Year! 2011 and a lot more adventures!
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In the Ahula Valley to see the birds!

I love Israel's nature preserves' mascot!

Breathe taking

This too....

Tens of thousands of birds migrate from Europe to Africa and back. They stop here at the Ahula Valley.
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Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth

Outside of the church

The grotto


Me and Mary!
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New Year's Eve Sunset

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Rosh HaNikra

This place was beautiful:

On the funicular

Daniel and Julia!!!

There is an old railroad tunnel here that was built by the British/Australians/New Zealanders. It was suppose to go from Tripoli to Beruit.
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Some wildlife.

lots of armor on this little guy

This is where we hiked.
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Small hike in the north

Shalom cow!

Recebba, Jonah, and me!

Our group on the mountain! I used my camera timer, that's why it's not perfect!

My cousin Daniel and some goats!
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With the Johnson's!!

We ate falafel!!!!!!! Simon loves it!! This is the first time I met Rebecca, Jonah's girlfriend, she is delightful and has a wonderful vocabulary! She's really fun.

Akko at night. Gorgeous.

We had a wonderful fish dinner and a bottle of wine! ;-)

Inside the citadel.

The Johnson's came to Israel and I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with them in the north! I love them. They are so warm, giving, accepting, smart and funny! It was a great time!
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