Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fatih in Chicago!

My favorite stop!

At the bean!

Night view of the river.

Fatih and me at Gino's East!! He looks a little startled!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some not so random thoughts

September 1st is the first day of the Jewish month of Elul, which is also the first day of Ramadan (the 1st of Eyl├╝l). Elul is really important to Jews because it is a month of prayer and redemption, asking for forgiveness, a time to set goals, and commit to changes and recommit to G-d. Jews ask for redemption to be written into the Book of Life for the next year. (Actually, I just learned that Muslims have a very similar holiday, and they fast, same as Jews.)

My point is that, I am glad this is coming. I know I can ask G-d at anytime, but I feel like it's appropriate to do it then. There are many things I want to change, and I am already in the process of changing many things. Sometimes it is hard to notice in the process of...but now, thanks to a friend and a not so friendly slap in the face, I am very aware. But that's tough love, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Just like my mother would do.

Today my mom and I went to a funeral for a 21 year old girl who drown in Florida last week. A few years ago she was my mom's student. I know it's drastic, but if I died tomorrow, I wouldn't be ready. Or, I would have many regrets. I honestly try not to have regrets. I always look for the lesson or the positive. I regret not going to certain places in Turkey, but on the bright side, I have to go back and go there. (Little things like this I don't count as regrets.) But I do regret the way I have "loved," and how I have treated people. I really love being liked/loved...and not so fairly, I have easily lead people into loving me when I don't love them back in the same way. In the short term, it feels good, of course. Who doesn't like being wanted or liked? But, I know, I will sabotage myself for any true love I want in the future. I don't know why it has taken me so so so long to figure this out. Maybe because I never actually planned on truly falling in love, then when I did, I had already ruined it, and it was too late.

But I refuse to do it again to someone else, or myself, so I am changing, and I will ask G-d for forgiveness and ask people for forgiveness. I think it is harder for people to forgive than G-d. G-d may be disappointed, but he/she made me, my faults are very obvious, but to people, maybe it's not so easy for them. There is one person I couldn't fool and really, thank G-d for him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

From a Rotary Club's Review.

"Program speaker was Ms. Andrea Wiese, a Ambassadorial
Scholar to Istanbul, Turkey. Ms Wiese is a Chesterton native
and a graduate of Ball State University in education. The Am-
bassadorial Scholar program is funded by TRF and open to
those who have completed undergraduate studies who wish to
continue their studies. She studied at the Bosphorus Univer-
sity (Bogazici University) in Istanbul, Turkey. The university
is considered the Harvard of Turkey. 99% of the country
Muslim. She attended Rotary meetings as well as Roteract
meetings while she was there. Ms. Wiese has begun her
teaching career at the Portage Schools where she will share her
Turkey and other travel experiences with her students."

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I almost forgot! When Sevgi and Beria came..they got me an awesome HEAVY paperweight with my name inscribed on it! It is so so cute. And I love it and I love that, if I didn't think about Turkiye and my friends enough, I think about Sevgi and Beria every time I see it! =)

First three days!

I had students starting Wednesday. My first four classes of the day are Geography and History of the World (GHW), then I have two classes of US History. I have the same lunch as my mom, so that's delightful. =) No, but really, I like eating with her.

The first day was mostly rules and classroom procedures. After school I headed to O'hare to pick up Fatih, a great friend of mine from Bogazici. The second day, Fatih came with me and saw an American high school and after lunch Sevgi and Beria came to get Fatih and take him the rest of the way to Ann Arbor. In class we attempted to sign up for Moodle, a program that is similar to BlackBoard, which posts assignments and other things and the students can access the information from any computer. There were many many problems, so we improvised and the day went on. On Friday, the third day, the GHW class did an exercise with latitude and longitude. The US History class had a quiz on Thursday, which they did horribly on, so on Friday we went over it and then did somethings with the Declaration of Independence and looked at which specific British acts were being protested.

My grandpa is doing better, but he has and still is in the hospital, so I have been spending a lot of time going to see him. He is still so so funny. I am sure that is where I get my excellent sense of humor. ;-) Today, after getting back from the hospital at 8:45 am..I went back to sleep until 12:30. Then baked and cooked all day with my mom.

Now I am writing lesson plans and quizzes and worksheets for the week!! =)

First day of school picture!!

First day of teaching at Portage High School!!!

My first day of kindergarten!!

My mom always took our picture on the first day of school. Even in college I had my roommate take my picture and I sent it to my mom. =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I had an AWESOME first day!! It's going to be a great year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My mom, just for some perspective.

Istiklal Marsi and Ataturk, just like every Turkish classroom!

My desk.

The yellow bulletin board is going to say "Where in the world is Miss Wiese" and there are going to be pictures of ME all over the world to the numerous places I have been!! Yep, I'm awesome.
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My dad in the back of my awesome car!

My sister's classroom! It looks awesome, better now, there are more things up now.

The paintings my mom and I did. One of the Istanbul skyline and one of the Chicago skyline!

See the Besiktas flag? It will actually be on the wall to the right of the TV, but for's there. =)
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Full day and more Sipahi's!

Today I took the train into the city for a lasik consultation. (Which I might get in 6 months, but they have to do another follow up to see about a stigmatism.) Then I went to the Apple Store and they gave me a new free iPod because mine had broke and it was still under warranty. Then.....I went to the OB (always a good time) but everything is healthy and working well, so that's good news.

THEN....Sevgi and Beria met me in the city and we went to Gino's East for deep dish Chicago pizza and the Ghirardelli's for our free chocolate sample (the new one with peanut butter) and walked up and down Michigan Avenue. It was a great day. Everything went well and I got to see my favorite Turks. =) I am so so blessed that Sevgi lives close. (Beria too.) =)

Sipahi Weekend!

Standing: Aylin, Sevgi, Babam
Sitting: Annem, Selin, Beria

Same...but with me!!! before we went on a beautiful dinner cruise from Navy Pier!

View from the boat before we sailed...

I just like this picture.
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Rotary programs

Me with Jim Graham in Brownsburg!

Muncie Sunrise with Jane, me, Sandra, and Don. =)
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008

I was right. I don't know if it was attitude, or I just made my mind up that today would be a good day, I don't know.

I went to the outlets in Michigan City and I exchanged somethings, and I got two pairs of shoes for teaching! Soap......and a pair of pants from Gap...I think my grandma has to hem them, they are a bit long.

I came home and watered the garden and ate a tomato (from the garden) sandwich! Which was delicious. And Katie had emailed me some websites with free things, so I filled out all of those and hopefully they will come in the mail!!

Then I went to see my grandpa, who is doing much better, and then went to synagogue and helped with the oneg and Shoshana had me light the Shabbat candles. I really missed "my people" (as my mom calls them). Everyone was so cute and asking me so many questions about Turkey and my life. So many of them had read my blog, which makes me laugh a little because I don't think anyone actually reads it. I missed Phil and Jack and all the little women. It was great to see them.

And I came home and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies...Go China! Go World!!! =)
Today is going to be a good day! =)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Busy busy!

I went to Indy with my parents because my dad had a conference and we got to stay in the Sheraton Downtown (nice!!!) for free! On Wednesday my mom and I went to the Indy Zoo and I Thursday while my dad was in meetings my mom and I drove to Brownsburg so I could give a little Rotary talk. I got to see Jim Graham, the former governor of district 6560, which made my day!

Thursday night, Kayla made me and my parents dinner (which they are still raving about!) and I stayed with her. It was great, we got to talk a bunch and really catch up! Then Friday morning, my parents and I went to the Muncie Sunrise Club at 7am so I could give my program. It went really really well. I love the Muncie club and I really wish I was closer to attend more often. I love talking about Turkey. It makes me feel like it's not so far away and I love sharing my experience and hopefully I can encourage people to visit or at least give them a different outlook or teach them something about Turkey that they may not have known. There are many misconception about Turkey and if I can change just a few for a few people, it's more than worth it!

Then on Saturday at 2am, I drove my parents to the airport so they could go to Mexico. I got to Katie's house around 4am. The same day, Katie and I went up to see Gail, my aunt. We had a great time, it's nice to just relax and be with family. We shopped a little and had Chinese. =)

Today I went to the Chesterton Art Fair and I bought a small print of a girl and a bird. I should take a picture. I really love it. Then I spent a lot of time at Portage, my room is looking better everyday!