Sunday, August 24, 2008

First three days!

I had students starting Wednesday. My first four classes of the day are Geography and History of the World (GHW), then I have two classes of US History. I have the same lunch as my mom, so that's delightful. =) No, but really, I like eating with her.

The first day was mostly rules and classroom procedures. After school I headed to O'hare to pick up Fatih, a great friend of mine from Bogazici. The second day, Fatih came with me and saw an American high school and after lunch Sevgi and Beria came to get Fatih and take him the rest of the way to Ann Arbor. In class we attempted to sign up for Moodle, a program that is similar to BlackBoard, which posts assignments and other things and the students can access the information from any computer. There were many many problems, so we improvised and the day went on. On Friday, the third day, the GHW class did an exercise with latitude and longitude. The US History class had a quiz on Thursday, which they did horribly on, so on Friday we went over it and then did somethings with the Declaration of Independence and looked at which specific British acts were being protested.

My grandpa is doing better, but he has and still is in the hospital, so I have been spending a lot of time going to see him. He is still so so funny. I am sure that is where I get my excellent sense of humor. ;-) Today, after getting back from the hospital at 8:45 am..I went back to sleep until 12:30. Then baked and cooked all day with my mom.

Now I am writing lesson plans and quizzes and worksheets for the week!! =)

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