Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Something positive.

So, I know I haven't given Turkey the most shining reports lately, but yesterday something happened that was so so nice and would never happen in the US.

I was at the grocery store getting everything because I haven't been for real shopping in about two weeks. My bill was 56YTL and so I was going to use my credit card...and of course it didn't work. But I only have a 50 on me. So I was going to take something off the order. The cashier told me to go and it would be okay, just pay next time. I couldn't believe it, I was going to run to the ATM and leave my groceries and come back. But he was like "no, no, tomorrow". I was like "TOMORROW?" Because in the US, they would never let you leave with the groceries and come back later. So, even though he said tomorrow was okay, I ran to the ATM and straight back anyway! It was so nice. =)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am glad to see that Obama won South Carolina!

Other news...I saw my best friend tonight for the last time before I go to visit him in Australia sometime. I am quite sad about it really. He has been a huge part of my Istanbul experience so far and has been there for the ups and downs...mostly downs. But that's what real friends do, they are always there, good or bad. And I must say, no matter what, he has always been there for me this semester. Since we are real friends I know we will see each other, but it will be very different living here without him. He has helped balance me and keep me rational. The point is, I will miss him.

I know I have been rather critical of Istanbul and Turks recently. But I most be honest that I haven't been so impressed lately. I'm sure a lot is that I have been an emotional wreck these past couple of weeks, which is part of the reason I haven't been writing. So things that normally don't bother me, really rub me the wrong way. But no matter what, what I write here is my opinion only and no one else's.

And I was mean to my mom today when I talked to her on Skype and I am still sorry for it. Because really I was mad at myself and took it out on her. Never an okay thing to do.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Still alive

Yes, still alive. Things were a little crazy for awhile, but everything is slowly going back to normal. Friends leaving, new roommates, finals and papers are done.

The Packers lost to the Giants, so they won't be in the Super Bowl. I went to NFL.com and watched the play by plays, but I had to go to bed with 10 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, it was 4am. Even in Turkey, I'll always be my father's daughter. =)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Presidential test my mom sent me.

76% Chris Dodd
71% Mike Gravel
71% Dennis Kucinich
70% Bill Richardson
69% Barack Obama
66% John Edwards
65% Hillary Clinton
64% Joe Biden
43% John McCain
39% Ron Paul
39% Rudy Giuliani
36% Mike Huckabee
31% Mitt Romney
28% Tom Tancredo
23% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Friday, January 04, 2008

one of my really really great friends here is mad/upset/disappointed/something with me, but he won't tell me why and it is driving me nuts. I really feel like he's being disrespectful by not telling me what is wrong. and when i asked, he told me we can talk next week...do you know how long a week is in a friendship? especially when you normally talk to that person everyday?? if he doesn't tell me what is wrong, neither one of us can move on and fix the problem. plus, since he is one of my best friends, it's really really hurting me. and I hate to think that i really did something wrong or that i hurt him. because if it's going to take a week for him to get over, it must had been really really horrible whatever i did. but now my hurt is turning to resentment and if i resent him i think i might have a hard time moving on with the friendship when this is all over with. which i would hate, because i really do cherish our friendship. because now i feel like if he tries to talk to me about it, i might just be like..okay...f-off, you've hurt me too much for me to just forget the pain. only time will tell...

plus, he decided to stop talking to me on the day my parents left, when i was already depressed and lonely...great timing.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yesterday Rick and Katie called my cell phone! It was the best surprise, it was for a bad reason, but I was still really excited.

Now mom and dad and Troy and Tanju and I are in a tea house playing backgammon, drinkig tea and smoking nargile (hooka). I love it!!

Parents and still no internet.

At the airport!!!!!!!!

Dogukan! My landlord's grandson!!!

Mom's painting!!

With Mustafa!!

Blue Mosque.

Dressed up at Culture Night!

Mom and dad on Galata Bridge.

My parents inside Aya Sofya.

My parents got here on Christmas, it was soooo great to see them! It was probably the best Christmas present I could have received! (Except of course the shoes they brought me from Katie and Rick.) We had a couple of relaxing days at first because I had to go to university still have a couple of classes. We went to Istanbul Modern and saw the Cihat Burat exhibit and the next day to Sultanahmet. We went to the Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya, the cisterns, the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Bazaar, walked across Galata Bridge...

Then we tried to go to temple in Ortakoy. The guard did not want to let us in, and when he finally did and after our body search and finally sat down, the service was over. It was very disappointing, but actually very funny.

On Saturday we painted with Mustafa and he made up dinner of chicken and rice. I got sick and my mom and I went to the doctor and got medicine. On Sunday we went to Tanju's home with Volkan and she made us an awesome dinner. Dad would be a great Turk!!!

On Monday we went to Asia and did a little shopping and had lunch. Then we went to Kanyon in Levent and saw Two Days in Paris which was cute, but nothing great. Mom and dad got the full sinema experience in Turkey. Then we went to Mados and ate lots of icecream.

Today, I am studying for my Turkish test and then going to Mustafa's for dinner and then nargile in Tophane or Taksim.