Friday, January 04, 2008

one of my really really great friends here is mad/upset/disappointed/something with me, but he won't tell me why and it is driving me nuts. I really feel like he's being disrespectful by not telling me what is wrong. and when i asked, he told me we can talk next you know how long a week is in a friendship? especially when you normally talk to that person everyday?? if he doesn't tell me what is wrong, neither one of us can move on and fix the problem. plus, since he is one of my best friends, it's really really hurting me. and I hate to think that i really did something wrong or that i hurt him. because if it's going to take a week for him to get over, it must had been really really horrible whatever i did. but now my hurt is turning to resentment and if i resent him i think i might have a hard time moving on with the friendship when this is all over with. which i would hate, because i really do cherish our friendship. because now i feel like if he tries to talk to me about it, i might just be like..okay...f-off, you've hurt me too much for me to just forget the pain. only time will tell...

plus, he decided to stop talking to me on the day my parents left, when i was already depressed and lonely...great timing.

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Ray said...

i know how you feel.

my boyfriend does that to me on a daily basis.

feel better.