Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Instead of studying...

I am writing a short blog post. I have a Turkish test tomorrow and an Art and Architecture test on Friday. Boo...

Going back to studying. =(

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover pictures!

At the head of the "table"..or floor!
Taking turns reading...
The meal!
Lots of friends! (There are many more you can't see!)
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Happy Pesach!

Last night I had a seder for my friends! I have to say, I did a wonderful job! =) I made haggadas for everyone (very simple ones!) And my really great friend, Sevgi, helped me make MATZAH, and charoset! We had to make the matzah because the only Kosher thing I could find was Passover flour from the Chief Rabbinate of Turkey. We made two batches of charoset, one with grape juice and one with wine because there were four or five of my Muslim friends who don't consume alcohol. (Both versions were delicious!) I couldn't find horseradish, but there is a mustard here that has horseradish in it, so it was close. My friend, Katie, boiled eggs for us and brought parsley! And since there were about thirteen people in total we bought five chickens, all of which were eaten! And we finished about seven or eight bottles of wine! (four cups each is a lot!) The greatest part was that we ate on the floor, none of the Turks minded because it is very normal here! The funniest thing was to see all my friends look for the afikomen. I told them anyone who hadn't had a bar mitzvah could look for it! So everyone was up looking, it was wonderful, especially because they were around 20 years old! haha

I will post pictures soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


My sister sent me a card. (This isn't rare, she sends me cards all the time! Which is wonderful!) But this one made me so happy. She drew a little picture in it and had an arrow that commented "a picture like mom would draw." It is soooo funny because it is just like my mom. She will send a card and not write anything, just a picture. It made me smile the rest of the day.

I sent a package home today........50YTL...definitely more expensive than the things I mailed home! oy!

I am going to do a seder with my friends here! One friend asked me "Andrea, since you are the 'good' Jew, are you going to have a seder?" I don't know if I consider myself a good Jew, but I will take it as a sign to do my own seder. I am really excited. I found Passover Kosher flour....I think I am going to have to make my own matzah!! Send me your suggestions!!!!!!!!!!! There is a rule that it has to be cooked within 18 minutes of the water touching the flour. Interesting. I emailed the Rabbinate here to find out where I could find Kosher foods, but I haven't heard anything. I will keep you posted!

Rotary Reunion in Leiden!

Mandy, David, Sevgi, Me

In Amsterdam we stayed at David's house. (The Ambassadorial Scholar who is studying for his Masters of Law at Leiden University.) It was awesome to stay outside of Amsterdam, but also, the house was beautiful and there was everything we could possibly need, including three beds. Coming from the chaotic, dirty streets of Istanbul, we were definitely spoiled.

A huge part of our scholarship is cultural and it was great experiencing a culture that is so unlike that of Turkey. Besides the museums and art, food, weather, etc...the people are just different. I'm not sure how to explain, and it is not good or bad, but I really felt like I was in the West again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

last ones...

Sevgi LOVES biking! Especially inside the flower exhibit! =)
Sevgi and her awesome cousins who took us to dinner and ate my Turkish Delight! (Not really, it's just a joke for Sevgi!)
Mandy on the lily pads!!!
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still more...

My two beautiful travel companions.
Mandy in a shoe!
Flowers......we went to Keukenhof...where they have the opened March 20th, great day and is only until May 18th. It was like Disney Land! We loved it!
At the flower exhibit they set up model rooms to show how you could put them in your home. I thought of my's so bright and nice and clean. (I would do that part, she can decorate.)
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Leiden windmill
KFC for my dad.
I'm not sure.
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The girls!
In a shoe.....
Anne Frank
The sign outside the house...sorry mom, not pictures allowed inside! We'll have to go back together. They have the original diary there and the house is the same structure, you really get a sense of how many levels the house actually had above the storerooms. The musuem does a really nice job with artifacts, visual and audio mostly, but I suppose physical, you're walking through the house...
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Monday, April 07, 2008

Olympic Torch

I know I am young, but I never remember there being such a huge deal with the Olympic Torch. The protests are interesting, but I feel sorry for the individual who is carrying the torch, obviously they are not the one at fault, but they are being assaulted.