Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caddebostan Rotary Club

Mandy and me with the District Governor and his wife! and I'm a giant!!

All of the new members!

Sebnem, she was in Indiana for a Youth Exchange!! She was so welcoming! We saw the formation of their club and then the new inductees, it was really nice.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little structure!

So, if you knew me when I was at Ball State, you would know that I love structure, I would get up at 6:30 or 7:00 everyday, workout for an hour, shower, breakfast, watch the Today Show, go to class by 9 or 10 until 12 or 1, go to meetings/clubs/organizations, do homework, have dinner with friends, some more homework, and then in bed by 10 or 10:30. I know it was strict, but I worked hard, had fun, and got really good grades. I was a good student.

Last semester, I didn't do anything of the sort. I stayed up late, didn't exercise, was with friends all the time, didn't do or prioritize homework, etc...but I felt like I deserved it in a way, after 4 years, including summers, of working. I mean I slacked...badly. I guess most people get this out of their system in college, but I didn't, I was so so good in college, I didn't do anything wrong (except eat some grapes at the wrong time.) But the thing is, although I had a ton of fun, I didn't feel like I achieved anything or gained anything from all this fun.

So now...I'm established a little more structure back into my life. Not overboard like in college, but some. I am getting up at 8 and going for a hour walk (which has been successful for the past two days, if you want to join me, let me know!!) Going to class, doing homework ahead of time, planning trips early and efficiently. Making different friends who appreciate me and will use my abilities. Anyways, I think I have made my point. I am going to behavior better this semester, more like an adult should.

To keep everyone posted, I will be in Rome from March 1st to 7th.
Then Dana is coming March 16-22nd.
Then I am going to Petra and Amman, Jordan, the last week of March (this is tentative though.)
Then April 4-6th I will be in Amsterdam for some Rotary events.
Spring Break is still unplanned...

Day with the Xchange Commission!

All these pictures are in opposite order from which they happened on Saturday!!

Jazz Club for Sevgi's birthday!

Galata Tower at night!

Two great friends, Mandy and Katie with the Istanbul sunset!!

Pierre Loti Cafe...the famous French poet would come up here and write all day with the amazing view of the Golden Horn!!

I love the Bosporus Bridge!

Me...putting my foot into the mini Pamukkale!! We went to Miniaturk where there are miniatures of all of Turkey's famous landmarks!

My really great friend Sevgi! She's from IL, probably why we get along! And it was her birthday that day!!

Old Eyup Mosque

Monday, February 25, 2008

Check it out!!

Troy's website is up and running! It looks great. Plus, I love it, because I took the black and white picture on the side. =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I know I have been depressed for the last month or so, but I really know I'm coming out of it because I just read all of my friends/families blogs...I hadn't read them for the past two months! I really think when I'm depressed I only think about myself. It's a horrible thing really. All my friends and family are great and I feel like I missed out on a lot in their lives, even silly things like Alex playing with the Cookie Jar (I'm pretty sure it's a proper noun by now) and Liz and Steven building a house, Jamie graduating soon, Kayte rocking out in China, and Ray riding elephants in Thailand...I mean, I feel good because I know I'm not in that slump anymore, but I feel badly for not paying more attention to the people that love me the most even if I'm not in the same country as them.

On a brighter note...I had a great day! It started with Turkish...and of course I volunteered to give my minute speech first! It was funny because we had to tell about ourselves, but I felt like it was silly to say "I'm from.....I am 22....I like Istanbul hobbies are.." so at the end of mine I said "I have brown cell phone number is 05...." and everyone laughed...I felt like it was a dating service...I don't know if they were amused...but I was. And really that's all that matters. Plus, Troy says, if you can joke in a foreign language, it means you're really learning it. I hope he's right.

Then I went with Sevgi to get a camera for photo class in Serkici. It was funny and we were being silly and it was an adventure. Then Sevgi made dinner (I cut everything up! even the chicken!!) for lots of people. It was soo soo nice! I hope we do it again soon, because the less I cook the better. And after dinner we all chatted and laughed...and laughed....Mandy was so cute, she said I don't know what I would think if Andrea wasn't laughing, it's a constant background noise. And she's right...I'm always laughing and it's always high pitched squeaks...

For Liz.........

I am applying to Las Vegas...the high school where I went...Denver (even though I have to know Spanish), Chicago, Gary (maybe), and maybe Indy???? We'll see.....

It's not June 13th yet, but it's under the four month marker!!! Yikes! Love you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back in the "bul" and back to class!

Inside the synagogue.

Lovely little Russian Orthodox Church!!

The Bulgarian National Art Museum!! There were quite a few pictures of women breast feeding, I mean enough that I noticed there were a lot, and enough to comment here about it! But there was also a very impressive sculpture exhibit. Plus the building is yellow.....on the yellow brick road...yes, a real one!

Sofia was great! A visa run can be a really nice thing! It was absolutely freezing in the capital though. We were there on the coldest day of the winter! Bryce and I considered buying brandy just to keep warm and now I know why Russians drink so much. But when we were gone, it snowed in Istanbul....lots of snow...and so instead of taking 13 hours on the train to get home, it took 20! I'm glad my dad wasn't on the train, I don't think he would have taken it well.

Sofia is very proud of their acceptance/tolerance. They have a beautiful mosque, synagogue, and Romanian Orthodox Church within a block of each other. They (and Denmark) are the only country to save their Jews from Hitler. King Boris set up his own work camps for them during the war. It is also said that a train of Jews was filled and ready for deportation, but the high priest in the city lay down in front of the train and wouldn't let it leave, saying that they would have to take him too. So the train never left. None of Bulgaria's 32,000 Jews perished in the Holocaust.

I had four classes today. I was not expecting to take four classes, but I liked all of them. I am in Turkish!!! (which I love, even if it isn't the same without Troy) and History of Modern Art and Architecture, (which seems much more interesting that I thought it would be. My professor is Italian and quite nerdy!) macroeconomics, (it was wonderful...I don't know why I like it so much, but it'll help when I get back to the states and have to take classes to get certified to teach econ!) and photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old school photography...I'm pretty sure I know how to do everything, but I am looking forward to it. And as my mom would say, everyone teaches things differently, so you never know what you're going to learn!

I forgot to mention, I am going to Rome from March 1st-March 7th. Also, my friend got accepted to grad school with full funding and I am SO happy for her!!! I am applying to schools to teach in the US, it's a long boring process and not easy because I not physically in the US to interview!

I feel like this is a rather long post, but things are getting better now, especially because there are other Ambassadorial Scholars here now and my friends are back from traveling!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am in Sofia, Bulgaria with Bryce because we have to renew our visas. Bryce has probably eaten a huge pig by now...not really that much, but he's definitely been excited about the meat selection here.

The city itself is tiny compared to Istanbul, but most cities are. It's very beautiful, and absolutely freezing here right now!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Ambassadorial Scholars!

Mandy and Karis arrived last week! Mandy is from Las Vegas studying Poli Sci and Karis is from LA studying history and Turkish. It is very exciting and refreshing! We went to Mandy's club meeting at the Hilton - Istanbul! And the Rotaract meeting. Tonight we're going to one more meeting. It's good that they are here, it is freshing and feels like a new start! Pictures to follow! =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

I don't know if the mail gets backed up in the US and it all comes to Turkey on the same plane, or if it comes separately and they stock pile it here for a couple weeks so they only have to make one delivery...I have been pondering this because on Friday I received six letters! One from Nelly, Josh, Martine, Peggy, my grandma, and Katie/Rick! I know they did not all send them at the same time and I am still waiting for a package my mother sent! So I continue to get all this great mail...I will post my address again. =)

Andrea Wiese
3. Aralik Sok Talıp Öztürk Apt. No. 38/3
Hisarüstü, Sariyer, Istanbul, TURKEY 34450

I am registering for classes on Wednesday...everything is easier this time around! There are also two new Ambassadorial Scholars here!! Mandie and Karis. Mandie is from Vegas and Karis is from LA. We are going to a meeting together on Tuesday in Taksim...should be exciting!

Friday, February 08, 2008


A friend helped me fixed my baby (computer) and Rick worked wonders as well! Needless to's better!!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


My computer's harddrive I am in the long process of getting it fixed...sorry for the lack of communication with everyone!

Friday, February 01, 2008

New bedroom arrangement!

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Old pictures.

This is from when it snowed and walking up and down the hill was horrible!!
Troy's last great drawing from the studio.
  Gabe, Susannah, and Katie B at Ritim.
Although...I don't know how good a friend he could be because when I got home I saw that I had chocolate all over my mouth from the waffle and when I asked him he laughed and told me he thought it was lipstick....seriously...does he think I wear brown lipstick on my cheek?????????

BTW...Liz sent me a smooshed penny from Brickenridge,'s awesome!!!!!!!!!! It is really awesome that she remember that I collect them. I remember making one on top of this tower in Prague...after which, I thought there was a sale...but sale meant stairs or exit or something and I was really upset about it!

New friend...

So I have a new friend. And he reads my blog..and he'll read this. So I can't be quite as honest as I normally would be. But he's a really good friend and it was perfect timing to get a new friend since my best friend left. He told me that I would be a good housewife..which I was just overjoyed to hear since that's what I have always wanted to be...but actually, it's the second time someone has told me that here, which makes me laugh, because I can't cook at all. I'm just really really good at cleaning. (sorry to all of my friends amd family who have lived with me and know the effects of my cleaning obessions first hand!) But he smokes, and it's gross.

All of my roommates are gone, but it's kind of fun to have the apartment to myself. I get to pay the bills, which is actually fun, because I never did it in America. And I paid the rent today, the first time we have ever paid it on time actually. And I bake all the time and then clean everything and put it all away where it goes.

I watched a move called Arranged today. It is about a Jewish girl and a Muslim girl in New York becoming friends. I really liked it and I would recommend watching it if you can find it.

My friend and I went to Bebek tonight, along the Bosphorus. And ate a waffle, (although they are better in Ortakoy.)It's like walking along the Intercoastal in Florida where my grandparents live, with all the boats tied up along the way, except that it is cold here. But this city really is beautiful and so diverse. And on the way up the hill (because there are hills everywhere) we passed a Muslim cemetery. It looked just like a Jewish cemetery. Interesting how things are usually more similar than different.