Friday, February 01, 2008

New friend...

So I have a new friend. And he reads my blog..and he'll read this. So I can't be quite as honest as I normally would be. But he's a really good friend and it was perfect timing to get a new friend since my best friend left. He told me that I would be a good housewife..which I was just overjoyed to hear since that's what I have always wanted to be...but actually, it's the second time someone has told me that here, which makes me laugh, because I can't cook at all. I'm just really really good at cleaning. (sorry to all of my friends amd family who have lived with me and know the effects of my cleaning obessions first hand!) But he smokes, and it's gross.

All of my roommates are gone, but it's kind of fun to have the apartment to myself. I get to pay the bills, which is actually fun, because I never did it in America. And I paid the rent today, the first time we have ever paid it on time actually. And I bake all the time and then clean everything and put it all away where it goes.

I watched a move called Arranged today. It is about a Jewish girl and a Muslim girl in New York becoming friends. I really liked it and I would recommend watching it if you can find it.

My friend and I went to Bebek tonight, along the Bosphorus. And ate a waffle, (although they are better in Ortakoy.)It's like walking along the Intercoastal in Florida where my grandparents live, with all the boats tied up along the way, except that it is cold here. But this city really is beautiful and so diverse. And on the way up the hill (because there are hills everywhere) we passed a Muslim cemetery. It looked just like a Jewish cemetery. Interesting how things are usually more similar than different.

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Ray said...

in Korea we would say, "same same, but different"