Thursday, February 21, 2008

I know I have been depressed for the last month or so, but I really know I'm coming out of it because I just read all of my friends/families blogs...I hadn't read them for the past two months! I really think when I'm depressed I only think about myself. It's a horrible thing really. All my friends and family are great and I feel like I missed out on a lot in their lives, even silly things like Alex playing with the Cookie Jar (I'm pretty sure it's a proper noun by now) and Liz and Steven building a house, Jamie graduating soon, Kayte rocking out in China, and Ray riding elephants in Thailand...I mean, I feel good because I know I'm not in that slump anymore, but I feel badly for not paying more attention to the people that love me the most even if I'm not in the same country as them.

On a brighter note...I had a great day! It started with Turkish...and of course I volunteered to give my minute speech first! It was funny because we had to tell about ourselves, but I felt like it was silly to say "I'm from.....I am 22....I like Istanbul hobbies are.." so at the end of mine I said "I have brown cell phone number is 05...." and everyone laughed...I felt like it was a dating service...I don't know if they were amused...but I was. And really that's all that matters. Plus, Troy says, if you can joke in a foreign language, it means you're really learning it. I hope he's right.

Then I went with Sevgi to get a camera for photo class in Serkici. It was funny and we were being silly and it was an adventure. Then Sevgi made dinner (I cut everything up! even the chicken!!) for lots of people. It was soo soo nice! I hope we do it again soon, because the less I cook the better. And after dinner we all chatted and laughed...and laughed....Mandy was so cute, she said I don't know what I would think if Andrea wasn't laughing, it's a constant background noise. And she's right...I'm always laughing and it's always high pitched squeaks...

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