Monday, February 11, 2008

I don't know if the mail gets backed up in the US and it all comes to Turkey on the same plane, or if it comes separately and they stock pile it here for a couple weeks so they only have to make one delivery...I have been pondering this because on Friday I received six letters! One from Nelly, Josh, Martine, Peggy, my grandma, and Katie/Rick! I know they did not all send them at the same time and I am still waiting for a package my mother sent! So I continue to get all this great mail...I will post my address again. =)

Andrea Wiese
3. Aralik Sok Talıp Öztürk Apt. No. 38/3
Hisarüstü, Sariyer, Istanbul, TURKEY 34450

I am registering for classes on Wednesday...everything is easier this time around! There are also two new Ambassadorial Scholars here!! Mandie and Karis. Mandie is from Vegas and Karis is from LA. We are going to a meeting together on Tuesday in Taksim...should be exciting!

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