Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Full day and more Sipahi's!

Today I took the train into the city for a lasik consultation. (Which I might get in 6 months, but they have to do another follow up to see about a stigmatism.) Then I went to the Apple Store and they gave me a new free iPod because mine had broke and it was still under warranty. Then.....I went to the OB (always a good time) but everything is healthy and working well, so that's good news.

THEN....Sevgi and Beria met me in the city and we went to Gino's East for deep dish Chicago pizza and the Ghirardelli's for our free chocolate sample (the new one with peanut butter) and walked up and down Michigan Avenue. It was a great day. Everything went well and I got to see my favorite Turks. =) I am so so blessed that Sevgi lives close. (Beria too.) =)

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