Sunday, August 03, 2008

Busy busy!

I went to Indy with my parents because my dad had a conference and we got to stay in the Sheraton Downtown (nice!!!) for free! On Wednesday my mom and I went to the Indy Zoo and I Thursday while my dad was in meetings my mom and I drove to Brownsburg so I could give a little Rotary talk. I got to see Jim Graham, the former governor of district 6560, which made my day!

Thursday night, Kayla made me and my parents dinner (which they are still raving about!) and I stayed with her. It was great, we got to talk a bunch and really catch up! Then Friday morning, my parents and I went to the Muncie Sunrise Club at 7am so I could give my program. It went really really well. I love the Muncie club and I really wish I was closer to attend more often. I love talking about Turkey. It makes me feel like it's not so far away and I love sharing my experience and hopefully I can encourage people to visit or at least give them a different outlook or teach them something about Turkey that they may not have known. There are many misconception about Turkey and if I can change just a few for a few people, it's more than worth it!

Then on Saturday at 2am, I drove my parents to the airport so they could go to Mexico. I got to Katie's house around 4am. The same day, Katie and I went up to see Gail, my aunt. We had a great time, it's nice to just relax and be with family. We shopped a little and had Chinese. =)

Today I went to the Chesterton Art Fair and I bought a small print of a girl and a bird. I should take a picture. I really love it. Then I spent a lot of time at Portage, my room is looking better everyday!

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