Monday, August 21, 2006

First day...

Let's just say, my classes are awesome. I have Middle East history with Dr. Argo, who happens to be quite attractive. He's also funny and intelligent. I have no doubt I'll thoroughly enjoy the class. He also happened to have spent 4 months are the university in Turkey that I would like to attend next year. But I'm also looking at Sabanci University in Istanbul, based on his suggestion. So, we'll see...

My class of Modern Britain class is already fabulous. My teacher is really excited about the topic and spent the summer in London. She already brought in some cute artifacts. Neither class has a research paper, only four five page response things. Very easy.

I'm going to play tennis tonight with Katie and her RAs. I love being on a schedule again!!!!

My one roommate keeps getting louder and more annoying everyday. =) The other is the opposite though, we're getting along really well and I find her less obnoxious (I never disliked her though) the more we live together. I really really like her, and her boyfriend.

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