Friday, August 25, 2006

Temple Beth El

Let's just say that Friday night service was fabulous. Larry, the flamboyantly gay (irrelevant) one-man-show opera, prayer singing, tambourine slamming, cantor, was on vacation. The new 24 year old student Rabbi, Lisa, led the beautiful service. She was so sincere about the prayers and adorable when apologizing for a mispronunciation. When we said the prayer for healing, I almost cried because Nelly is in recovery for hip surgery. I was a little emotional tonight, probably because I was alone and no one would have judged me. If I was with friends, that would have never happened.

Everyone was so welcoming and overjoyed that I'm going to be the liaison for Hillel. I think it's going to be a great semester. Right when I'm actually making some real connections with people in the community, it will be time to go to a different country. At least I'll be more prepared when I'm abroad. On September 10th, we're going to help clean up outside the temple to get ready for the High Holidays. I finally feel that the temple really wants the students to be involved. It's only taken four years!

I talked to my parents and aunt on my way home, everyone is happy and healthy. Life is good. =)

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Anonymous said...

Great I think both groups should work with each other the Jewish community in Muncie is way to small not to I think it will help everyone if you go to each others events at the Temple and the Temple members do some things with Hillel on campus