Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sigma Chi

Our last conference of the summer consisted of 1,200 Sigma Chi guys from all over North America, and one from Australia.

I loved it, they're all adorable. Clearly, there were some that were ugly, but for the most part, they were so polite and respectful. Being one of five females in the whole building does give me some leverage. I was very impressed. I was expecting rude, gross, vulgar (at some were) but a majority were great guys.

After doing room checks, I came out with an extra $24.49 in my pocket. Not too bad for doing a job that's required!

I also drove a wallet to the Indy airport and got to fill up my tank and I got $20 extra!! Holla...(clearly I'm a little hyper, or I wouldn't have said that.)

1 comment:

Ray said...

yum... polite frat boys = just my type!

misssss you.