Friday, April 14, 2006

Mr. Darcy

Even though Nelly says, "Katie, I can see her with a man. You...I see you with a suitcase." I still want to find my Mr. Darcy. I will never trade in my suitcase though. In fact instead of an engagement ring, I'd be happy with matching luggage. It's so wonderfully tacky and yet it's a beautiful thought to me.

I've always wondered what Mary Poppins' tape measure would have said when she measured me. Something like, "Means well, but extremely opinionated and stubborn, in reality quite shy." Other than becoming my sister, my goal growing up was to be Mary Poppins or "Practically perfect in every way." Now that it's happened, I'll have to get a new goal! (JK, JK!!) Really though, she is a great role model and though I tease about it, other than my mom and sister, I'd probably want to be her next.

I gave up ice cream and chocolate for Lent, so I'm pumped that Easter is almost here. It really went fast and I didn't miss it really. Which is strange, I thought I'd be dying for it by now. Maybe that's the point, to realize that you don't "need" anything. That pleasure can always be substituted. I'm sure the point is suppose to be something more along the lines of "sacrifice is beneficial because one's suppose to realize what Jesus went through," but obviously that doesn't strike me the same way it might others. For those that do celebrate Easter, I hope you have a splendid holiday filled with joy, love, family, and G-d. I think that's what Christianity is suppose to be about.

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