Thursday, April 20, 2006

I love counseling!!!

Today I got to meet with Liz (my counselor) and I love her. We talked about how I love being independent and I hate not having control of my actions. How I can't be with my parents because I don't have any control and to get away I feel like I have to leave the country, Germany, Israel, etc. I love to travel anyways, and learn about other cultures, but I think it really does have a lot to do with getting away and being my own person. I just find it weird that I feel like I have to go across the globe to do it.

What's more interesting is how much I love and care about my parents and how much I care about what they think of me, my sister and Rick too actually, but I think I care so much that it henders my actions and thus I want to move away. Then if I do something they don't "approve" of, I'll be for enough away to not see them roll their eyes at my feeble attempt to be an adult. I don't mean to be critical, they're not really like that, it's just my perception of what they're like or what I fear most. I think my biggest fear is disappointing my family. That and not seeing the world. So I guess my fears drive me a lot!

DeAnna and Michael took my to Walmart, then I had hot chocolate, I bet I'm going to have to pee three times during the night! Oh, my mom said my grandmother is doing better, but who knows what that really means. But it's definitely a plus.

Rick's great advice of the day: Sometimes you got to eat the shit sandwich to get to dessert.

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i love instigating.... and typing spandex donkey fish.....