Friday, April 21, 2006

How many licks does it take?

I got a star on my Tootsie Roll Pop!! That always makes me happy!

Today was my first Rotary meeting at 7am. It was fun, I met some great people and I learned a lot about what the organization is founded on. There was a Russian Rotary Club visiting, that was really awesome to see them. The application was personally delivered to Indy today by my advisor, so that's a big relief. Now...Vietnam reading! Three books in a week and quite a few essays. It's been an incredible class though, so I don't mind. Dr. Edmonds is a wonderful man.

I took cookies today for my class, because my prof's birthday was today. Everyone loved them! Tonight is Relay for Life and then the Late Nite Carnival! I love free things!! I hope I'll see every BSU student there! (Seriously though, it's the one thing most student looks forward to, being right before finals helps a lot too!)

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