Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses!

Katie and I went dress shopping today. She looked absolutely beautiful! She found a great dress in Indy, but we weren't allowed to take pictures, so we'll have to wait until the wedding for pictures or until we actually buy it.

This (the picture of me) is the dress that we liked for the bridesmaids. It's a really pretty spring color and it's close to the color Katie had in mind. It's weird to try on a dress that is made to have alterations made. The dresses were extremely long and cut in weird ways, but they're all still beautiful.

I put on the veils and Katie laughed at me. Hopefully I'll still be this gorgeous (kidding) when I'm 30, because we know I'm not getting married for a super duper long time.

I wonder when I'll come to the point and not be afraid of commitment. Will it be after I fulfilled half of the goals in my life? Will I get so lonely I'll just pretend that I don't mind commitment? Will I meet a man that I'll feel like I can't live without and then all my other fears will vanish? I think it's just romantic bull crap. No matter how much I want my prince charming to come and get me, I'd probably laugh in his face and send him off into the sunset while I sit alone being a sober virgin. At least I find myself to be good company, and history books keep me entertained as well.

Oh, I'm a mess.

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Anonymous said...

I must say, that dress is a million times better than what you described! You look soooo cute even though its your back side! HAHA Thanks for coming to the carnival with us this weekend, I really had a good time!
You are an amazing friend! :-)
DeAnna (I am not really anonymous)