Friday, April 28, 2006

Great, fabulous, terrific, wonderful day!

So today was the last day at Wilson Middle School and last day of classes! Great news in itself. But I also got to go to Stu-stock and get free food (thanks to great connections) and see the most beautiful Mackenzie Miller (who is in the green shirt in the picture with yours truly.) Then I went to the Hillel cookout, which I was dreading and thought would be stupid, but it wasn't it was sooo much fun and we laughed a lot. And Gerry APPLE is a funny kid. Finally, I went to the BC formal with a super friend (Eric, who's next to the hot girl in the pink dress!!) David and Christine were there and the gorgeous Miss Herrell!! Wonderful company all around. In Talley was the Gay Prom, so I got to see ever more friends there too!! Then my mom and Cindy came so I got some good lovin'!!

Now I'm a little tuckered out though and tomorrow we're doing another round of wedding dresses so I need my energy. Lyla tov.


Anonymous said...

You are funny! Nice Dress love! It sounds like you had an awesome time last night. I hope that you had fun dress shopping today! TTYL Luv!

Anonymous said...

you look great in pink