Thursday, April 27, 2006

War of 1812

My grandma got moved to a nursing home, which is a good sign. She isn't hooked up to machines and she's crazy as ever. But my dad said she has congestive heart failure, which I'm pretty sure means that her heart isn't strong enough to pump blood back to her heart. I think. I should probably google-it to make sure. So even if this colon thing gets better, she isn't going to really get better.

Yesterday I read a 219 page book before 6:30 pm. And yes, I did very well on the quiz. I'm going to really miss that class. Dr. Edmonds is an incredible professor, if only there were more like him.

Today I'm teaching, but have I written any lesson plans?? Nope!! I'm going to wing it. It'll be fun, it probably won't help my grade though!! Yesterday, a girl in my class gave me the best compliment.
Brittany: "Ms. Wiese, when are you going to teach again?"
Me: "Tomorrow and Friday, why?"
B: "Well, it's not that I don't like the other teacher, but I just understand more when you teach."
Me: "Oh, well, thanks, and yes, tomorrow."

I love it. Hopefully I don't screw up and break her little heart. (Because I'm sure it would break if she didn't completely and thoroughly understand the War of 1812!!!)

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