Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First, this is my beautiful sister and my ever so handsome nephew in-law. I haven't met him yet though and I'm getting anxious!

Around 3:45 today I'm leaving on my little road trip home. I'm pumped to see my parents, grandparents, and of course, Nelly. Then tomorrow we're driving to Chicago to go to Seder and I'll see the WHOLE family, all 120ish of them. My grandma will try to touch my face and physically pull me along with her. My aunt will want to hear about boys, classes, my other activities. Everyone will call me Katie or Paula. I know it sounds thrilling, but I always get really stressed about the behaviors of my parents and their interactions and I usually I am put in the role of the mediator. Then to not think about it, I just eat, and I usually end up making myself sick.

So I talked to my counselor about it and I talked to my dad. He usually understands my behaviors and motives so I felt comfortable and we're going to work on him not getting pissed off and I'm going to not put myself between their ridiculous bickering. Seder is suppose to be a celebration of the Jews Exodus from Egypt, but to me it's a clash of personality in a place I can't remove myself from. So this year, it's not going to happen and I'm going to enjoy the time with my family and G-d and at the end when they say "Next year in Jerusalem," could be true for me! Now, that's an exciting thought if I ever heard one.

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