Monday, April 17, 2006

Service Above Self

Just so everyone knows, the Rotary International motto is: Service Above Self. In 1985, Rotary made a historic commitment to immunize all of the world's children against polio. Working in partnership with nongovernmental organizations and national governments thorough its PolioPlus program, Rotary is the largest private-sector contributor to the global polio eradication campaign. Rotarians have mobilized hundreds of thousands of PolioPlus volunteers and have immunized more than one billion children worldwide.

They also have a 4 way test, which they contemplate before making any decisions.
4 way test:
1.) Is it the truth?
2.) Is it fair to all concerned?
3.) Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4.) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

This is all ever so important because I didn't know any of this before I was interviewed today!! Oops! But, somehow I must have charmed them anyways because I passed the first interview process and I get to have an interview in INDY!! Woo hoo!! I have to revise some of my application and turn it back in by Thursday so they can overnight it to the district office. I'll probably have my next interview that week.

The idea of studying in Israel is becoming so real now, I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I am. Gosh, it would be incredible. To top it all off, I get to go to the 7am Rotary Club meeting this seriously, it's at 7am.

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