Monday, November 02, 2009


Yesterday was weather iGoogle literally said "sand." And it was right! The sky was a weird color because all the sand flying around I only wore my contacts for a hour before I couldn't take it! And even then, there was so much sand in my eyes when I walked to class. But today seems calmer and I am very pleased about that!

Also, I have a Hebrew quiz today and she only gave us one day notice, but my awesome friend Roi helped me study and I hope I do well because it was late when we finished studying and he probably didn't do his homework so he could help me, so the least I can do is do well on this quiz to make all the studying worthwhile!!! =)

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Ray said...

We get that here as well, but surely not as bad as you!

In the spring, it's called "yellow dust" --- sand that has blow over the sea from the GOBI desert in Mongolia. The sky gets really hazy and it's usually hard to breathe.

I miss you!