Saturday, October 31, 2009


I had a nice weekend. It was short, it's always short in Israel though. Friday night I went to Loren's and had dinner with some of the male MAPMES students. They are all really funny, but I was so tired from the night before I wasn't very social. But I took cookies, with Israeli white chocolate (trying something new) and they were, of course, a big hit.

Katie told me whether she is having a boy or a girl!! She called me at 4:30 am......hahaha, but it was sooo worth it!! I am so happy for them!! I don't think it's public knowledge yet, so I am keeping a secret, but I'm going to be an awesome aunt!!

Today, I cleaned my apartment some more and went to the gym and did homework, it was nice to have a day alone. Now more homework!!!!

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