Sunday, October 04, 2009

Synagogue, friends, bazaar, and Egyptian Dervishes

Friday night Matt and I tried to get into the synagogue for services, but either there wasn't services or we were late. But I was determined Saturday morning. We got there at 9:30 and told us to come back at 10, I refused to leave, but the people really weren't there, so we went to Mc Donald's to go to the bathroom and came back at 10, then they told us to come back at 11. Clearly, they had never dealt with an American girl before (or me). I just wouldn't leave which they really didn't know what to do, but then around 10:20-10:30, somewhat showed up with a key. So we got in, and the synagogue, that use to be a church, was beautiful. Matt prayed, I read out of the siddur and took in the building. Around 11, a group of Americans studying in Israel showed up, Jewish of course. One prayed with Matt, which I thought was nice and a girl sneaked some pictures, so when she emails them to me, I'll post them.

We left with them to smoke hooka and relax. Then, unbelievably, I saw Robb walking down the block in front of us, I screamed and ran, I was really excited! Hannah and Mario were with him too!!! It was great to see them and we were with them the rest of the day, and they ended up staying at the hostel with us!!

We tried to walk to the Islamic area and bazaar, but we got so incorrect directions and ended up walking the group over the Nile, then jumping in a taxi. It was really far, so I was happy about that. =) This time I was much more prepared for the bazaar. I knew I wanted a necklace, so it wasn't quite as overwhelming. I ended up buying a silver necklace. I'll take a picture when I can.

We also went to see dervishes which I naively thought would be the same as Turkish, but it was different of course. I wondered how much was authentic because they had lavishly colored skirts and it was just amazing. It really was a spectacle. I took over 100 pictures and videos, even though it wasn't allowed. It really was something to see.

We ended our day with smoking hooka, drinking tea, and eating pastries...awesome..... =)

Also, I got groped again yesterday. I am ready to go back to Israel were people just look and don't touch. I was really naive about the culture here. So here's to not being groped today!!

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