Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice things and a dead bird.

I ran today, and since I didn't die, it felt good! =)

A student moved in next door to me and he's really nice! So that's good. More friends is always a plus. I might have to move apartments because I still haven't found a roommate, but my neighbor Shoshana helped me already and I know where I would move if I have to, which is awesome. It's 100 shekels more, for the same size apartment to live by myself, the only catch is that it's on the 4th floor, but I don't mind, stairs are good in the long run. Plus, if I lived alone, I would have even more room for my guests! And I'm going to have a lot of them!! So even though moving can be stressful, it might be worth it later. The owners are soooo nice too! They are really sweet and adorable and I would love to deal with them than my current landlord. We'll see.

Also, when I saw the apartment, the owners had left the windows open and there were birds in it! And one of the birds was so scared, it flew into a window and died! It was so sad, then the guy just picked it up and tossed it out the window!!!!!!

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