Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mt. Shlomo

The start of the hike, nice and flat...

...and dry.

Maura and me at the top! Although there isn't any scenery, I promise we made it all the way up!!

View of Eilat from the top of the mountain.

So, MASA had another trip for us, this one to Eilat and of course, we had to go hiking. But this wasn't a normal hike, we literally had to hold on to railings put into the mountain because it was so vertical. Going up wasn't so horrible, just some nice hurt in my calves, but bad was awful because the rock would slide out from under our feet. It was really dangerous and a few people fell. But no one was seriously hurt.

It took us so long to get down the moutain we barely made it to the hotel before Shabbat started!!
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