Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rain, lightening, and thunder!

It really rained this morning!!! Like a common Midwestern down pour!! I was sitting in Hebrew class listening/watching it come down. The sky was brownish and the thunder shook. I know for everyone at home, this is a normal occurrence, but this is the first time I have been in a thunder storm in Beer Sheva. And, it was awesome! =) Also, for the sake of drought and living in the dessert, I hope it continues all winter!

After class, I went to the gym, even though I am a little sick, my throat has been sore for a few days, but nothing serious!!! I came home and made chicken soup for the first time in my life. I really wanted soup yesterday, (which Roi made for me!) but then I realized I wanted my mom's soup, which is obviously impossible to get. I realized I would have to make it myself. So while I talked to her over Skype last night I reviewed the "recipe" and tactics. It's kind of cute because she always said it was how grandma Dora made it, which I am assuming is how her parents made it. So maybe it's a Jewish way, or Russian.

Now the soup is on the stove and it smells really really good, so hopefully it'll taste that way too!! (There is real chicken in it too. And if you are wondering, I have started to eat much more chicken. One, it's kosher here and nature, and two, I am going to the gym everyday and I have to make sure I am giving my body enough energy and protein.) But don't get your hopes up, I'm pretty sure I will still be a vegetarian in the US.

I have a presentation tonight in my Iranian Revolution class. I was suppose to go last week, but we ran out of time and now this week, my partner is sick, so I will have to present alone!! Bummer!!!

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