Sunday, November 15, 2009


We did not stay here, but it was a very beautiful hotel. =)

On the Eilat beach waiting to go snorkeling! (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of how awesome I looked with a snorkel on my face.) We sat and read our readings on the beach...not too shabby. Except, it was a little rocky and I am spoiled by the Dunes' sand which is the best in the world!!

Kariem was tired and took over Maura's bed!

Maura and her friend from summer camp in the US, her English was great and she was so so sweet!! It was nice to meet her and have a relaxing Saturday bumming around Eilat!!

Snorkeling was beautiful, it was short, but the water was so clear and we did see a lot of reef and beautiful fish!! It was nicer than I had expected. =)
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