Friday, November 20, 2009

My week!

This week flew past. I was busy as usual and tried to squeeze in too many things. So an uneventful Shabbat tomorrow will be nice. I haven't talked to my mom in two weeks, which is also killing me!

I am really getting use to my schedule, so I had been getting a lot more reading done, which makes my classes much better!!! (obviously, because I can participate!!) Also, I got my first paper back and got an 80%, (which is what almost everyone received.) And I am really thrilled. If I get all 80s when I'm here, I'll be really happy. I'm not here to set records, just to learn and receive my degree. It felt good to know that I am normal and in the middle of the group. I completed my paper, but I didn't kill myself doing it and I didn't put tons of effort into it, so to "earn" an 80% seems about right to me!!

Yesterday, I got up really early and headed to Tel Aviv to go to the American Embassy!! Thanks to some helpful friends and my brain's awesome GPS system, I found it very easily. Although the bus took 2 hours because of traffic, I was there by 9:30. I had to pay 10 shekels to store my bag, which was a new experience. They took my passport and told me to come back at 3:30...which I didn't expect, so I went to the market, bought some DVDs, did some Hebrew (for three hours at a cafe), bought a tiny crochet needle and yarn to try to make a kippah (I will let you know if I am successful! I really haven't crocheted anything since my grandpa died, so it's good to try this.) and bought a purse/bag that I have wanted for a while, and went to a camera store, but I didn't buy anything, but it's good to know where it is in case I have to go back!!

I went back to the embassy at 3pm, paid 10 more shekels, got my passport, went back to the central bus station, took the 607 bus to Jerusalem to see the Black Swarm get their asses kicked by the Jerusalem Kings and froze my ass off too!! Jerusalem is so high, it gets so cold compared to the rest of the country!! By the time the game ended at 10ish, I was exhausted!!

This morning, Roi went home and I got to meet his sister, brother-in-law, and niece!! She's so so beautiful!! =)

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