Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New home

So....I moved! My landlord in the old apartment just wasn't nice and for a few other reasons I really wanted to get out of there! Yesterday, my friends came and helped me get all my things (which is surprisingly a lot!!) moved up stairs. The only heavy thing was the washer, everything else was just bulky and weird shaped, needless to say, our butts got a good workout from the 4 flights of stairs. Two awesome guys came later and moved the washer. I was really scared they were going to hurt themselves, but they were definitely fine, I will have to make them some cookies for carrying a washing machine up 4 flights of stairs!

It's much more relaxing up here already, I just wish I had everything put away, but there is no rush really. There is a rush for me to study though. I have a map test tomorrow (over the Middle East, which isn't that big of a deal since we studied that at Portage High School last year!) but I have a Hebrew quiz on Thursday that I really need to study for!!!

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Unknown said...

I hope the new apartment rocks. Good luck with Hebrew, I just received a new sticker that says "I am loved" in Hebrew. Keep traveling