Thursday, September 20, 2007

So many things have happened this week!

Don't worry about me...look at the HUGE mall!!

Cows!!!!!!! Just like the Windy City!

Elıf, Mert, Martına on our Telecom adventure!

Elif had to go to this goverment building so we could get a telephone because they lost her citizenshıp papers. It was soooo rundown. I couldn't believe it was government run!

Mert, Elıf, and Martına! It was our first family dinner!! I made/bought the chicken!! haha

Me! at the university. Behind me is the hiras, or fortress.

Tanju and Belka (I'm not sure if that is how to spell her name. She is from Brussels and we're friends because we but have blue eyes and people stare at us!!)

We went out one night. Everyone is smoking huka, drinking tea, and watching the futball (soccer) game!

Look at the beautıful display...they made everything from scratch. It was so delicious! It was like break-the-fast...but since they fast everyday, they have these great meals every night during the month of Ramadan.

Dutch guys who were at the dinner too! They had blue eyes like me!

The "mom" that cooked the awesome dinner!!

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