Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Couldn't be more lucky!

My host counselor, Nejat, met me at the airport. All my bags where were they were suppose to be and we talked the whole way back to the house. We crossed the Bosporus and went into ASIA!! I have never been in Asia and Europe on the same day before.

Their house is absolutely gorgeous. It is three stories. They have to in home workers. Anne, the lady who cooks does a great job. And I ate some beef...I'm not sure if I'll do it again, but I had about three small bites. I'm definitely not use to meat, but so far it hasn't made me sick. The other man who works in the home carried my two massive suitcases to the third floor. I felt very horrible about it, especially because I don't really need them for the night.

They have wireless in their house and porch, so I sat outside and checked my email. The weather is amazing and no mosquitoes!! That could really be the highlight so far!! This place is like a palace, I feel like I'm at the Ritz. But tomorrow I'm going to see my apartment and it will be back to reality!!

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