Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More classes.

Today I had my first Turkish for beginners class. It is so difficult for me to say the words correctly, but atleast I know when I'm saying them wrong now. The class is very large, but I am excited anyways. I am going to practice so much!!

Then I had Social and Cultural Studies of Turkey. The class is also a graduate level class in the Ataturk Institute. The professor did not like that I didn't speak Turkish because she told me that the discussions would be in Turkish. But the lectures are in English. Also, the 10 page paper at the end must be in English as well as the final. We're not graded on participation so I'm staying in the class!! I thought the professor was a little hypocritical because she told the students to take notes in English in class and when we read because the paper must be written in English. So in my head, it would make sense to also have discussions in English, but she must not agree.

Tonight we're going to iftar (break the fast dinner) and then to Sultanhemet to the Blue Mosque to pray. I'm really looking forward to it. We have to wear long skirts and head scarves to participate.

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Ray said...

head scarves! That'll be insane!

I went to a traditional Buddhist prayer thing over the weekend, it was interesting to say the least!

In 3 weeks I'm going on Buddhist temple stay, where I get to spend the weekend living like a monk, I'm stoked!