Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beginning adventures.

At first I didn't think much of it, people would stare at me. Maybe I had something on my shirt or face?? When I reassured myself that wasn't true, I started to get a little more annoyed. Yet, today I realized that I'm the only light haired blue eyes person I have seen since I've been in Turkey. And seriously...people really stare.

I met my roommate today. Her name is Elif (El-eef). She's awesome, very self-sufficient, mature, and independent. We're going to have a great nine months!

Last night I left my laptop, iPod, and most importantly, all the papers I needed to register for school today, in my friend's car. So this morning I had to go get them. It was my first time really doing anything alone. I had to take the metro, to the funicular, to the tram, and then retrace my steps to the shop from the day before. I did not get lost once, I am very proud of myself!!!

When I finally got home after a long sweaty day of climbing Istanbul's hills. I took a shower after the 8pm dinner. I had my glasses off, but I could see something about the size of a newt moving along the edge of the tub. I jumped out of the shower, got my glasses and saw the most horrifying bug. It was a mix between a centipede and a big spider. Plus, it was fast. Usually I opt for taking bugs outside, but it's not everyday that I come across the biggest grossest (is that a word) bug I have ever seen while wet and naked. Needless to say, the toilet scrubber came in very handy.


Unknown said...

Funicular!!! ...not vernacular! :-) I love you!

Ray said...

The staring gets better I promise!

I mean I'm a rather light haired blue eyed man living in the world of dark hair and dark eyes and darker skin!

So you were in Asia and Europe in the same day!

I wish I had the energy to update as much as you do! But I think I'll be making an update today!

Check out my new pictures on facebook! Miss u! Come to Asia!

Anonymous said...

I like the new template.