Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Classes so far...

Yesterday I had Foreign Policy of Turkey. It was my first class and very difficult to find. It was from 2-5 and although we got out early, I thought it would never end. The professor, who is fairly good at English, is very monotone. The topics are interesting, but since it is a grad class the other students seem to be a little stuck up. This is definitely not my style, so we'll see how it goes. Even though the class was a 500 level class, I did not realize that it meant that it was a graduate level course, but exciting for me anyways. I think it will be challenging, but not too much considering I will have a lot of time to work on everything for the class. (A lot more time then in my undergrad at least.) We have a write a 20 page paper by the end, give one 50 minute presentation during the semester (mine is in two weeks, I'm going to get it over with.) and weekly one-page responses. My 50 minute presentation is on emerging superpowers challenging the US and how it will effect Turkey.

My class today was History of Nationalism in the Balkans. I think the class will eventually be interesting, but today I wanted to shoot myself. He lectured about the history of theory of nationalism, which is actually sociology. The prof today was even more monotone than yesterday. When we get into studying specific countries, I think I will like it more.

Then I had tennis class, but the instructor never came. I learned that the class is really for beginners and I think I will drop it. I don't want to waste my time. I could be traveling around Istanbul or doing something productive.

We will see. Now I'm waiting for the gas people to come. AKA - waiting for hot water yet again.

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Ray said...


Cool about the grad class thing! Weird that the structure for the class is SO similiar to HOW alllll of my grad classes were! Lots of reading, weekly 1 page single space reactions, and then usually a presentation and a 20-25 page paper!

It's overwhelming at first, but after I did it once, all my grad classes got so much easier!

I miss you, and I wish you'd email me and tell me everything because it'd be much better than reading it on a blog!

Keep your eye out for the mail, you may have something coming your way!