Friday, September 28, 2007

For Jethro

Today when I went to the American Hospital for my back, they ask me if I was "prego" in Turkish!! But no worries. I'm not pregnant. They took x-rays, a urine sample, and blood. They are very thorough. Although, besides having muscle problems in my back, nothing was wrong except my iron results were very poor. I am very anemic. I bought iron supplements, but really, I just have to eat better. I'm barely eating and when I do eat I get sick. (as in I have to go to the bathroom immediately.) I was told it can take up to a month for my body to adjust to the food and water.

Also, since it's Ramadan people don't really eat during the day. I don't like eating when my friends can't. So I wait until I get home and then I'll wait to go out with them after the sun goes down.

But tomorrow, beans and spinach are on my grocery list. Sorry Jethro, no delicious meat for me!! (Although I did hear there is blackmarket bacon close to my apartment.) Jews and Muslims are more similar than we think, no pig. =)

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