Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thank you note!

Rick sent me a thank you note today. It was the first mail I've gotten in Whitcraft Hall! It definitely made my day! (the sun and 75 degrees may have helped though.) It's weird being in Muncie without Katie or Rick. I've never been here without Katie and I've been here for two years with Rick. Obviously, I'm managing and thanks to Katie and my mom, I have a wonderful working cell phone. We probably talk more now than when Katie is at BSU because she's extremely bored.

When I was little, I always thought that when Katie got married, I would "lose" her. Really, I still thought this until I met Rick. I really wanted Katie to marry Rick. Then I was torn, because in my previous state of mind, that would mean she wouldn't be mine anymore, she would be Rick's. I realized I wasn't losing anything, Katie will always be my sister, and then she'll also be Rick's wife, which is wonderful, because then I get the greatest brother-in-law too.

I easily put Rick into my "inner circle" of people who I truly care about, and I truly care about what they think of me. Really, the only other people there are Katie and my parents. They have the ability to make me cry, but also, and most of the time, make me extremely proud and happy. Rick makes Katie a better person too, which is probably the best part.

P.S. He's also the funniest person in the world!! (of course)

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