Thursday, May 04, 2006

5th grade

The Rotary meeting on Tuesday was absolutely fantastic! I had a practice interview with Dr. Stedman afterwards and she said I did really well. I got a little extra boost of confidence from that. I think a lot of people believe in me, so it makes it easier to believe in myself, even my dad is behind me and he really doesn't like the idea of Israel.

I got 100% on my geography final!! I think I'll have straight A's as long as I don't bomb the Vietnam take home test!! That was really make me happy! I gave the test for the class I am a TA for. Before that I moved everything, so I came home! I love being with my puppy! He's the greatest dog! (and SO handsome, I'm sure he'd look like a young Robert Redford if he was a real person!)

My parents didn't even know I was coming home because they've been so consumed with my grandmother. I'm going to run to the nursing home this afternoon since I didn't get to work out this morning. Then mom and I are taking a walk or bike ride. I love spending time with her. I'll go and see Nelly and my grandpa too and of course finish my Vietnam take home test!!

The 5th graders are great! It's awesome getting to be in a classroom by yourself and not have a teacher observing/hanging over you!! I love it. They're doing DEAR right now. (Drop everything and read, for you non-education people!!) Then social studies, my favorite!!

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