Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blah blah blah...

All of my friends are doing awesome things! I get so jealous when people travel, see new things, and learn. AH! I want to go too!!

I drove to Oakbrook today to see my grandparents. My grandpa made his normal racist comments. He has a bad cough too. I felt badly because I know he wouldn't have gone out if not for me coming.

I know he's proud of me, but when he asked about school and I told him I was pretty sure I got straight A's...I don't know why I expected a good job because all he said was, "Well, we wouldn't expect anything less." Um...thanks.

Don't get me wrong, I love my grandfather, but sometimes he makes it hard to.

I'm pooped!! Lynne and Gail tomorrow and Cindy, Jackie, and ALEX on Monday!!


Ray said...

Well, that's exactly what my parents say everytime I make the dean's list, get all A's, or win an award - 'we expect that out of you'

blah. I'm not a prize to be won! I know they are proud of me, but sometimes all I want to hear is, "ray you did a great job, we love you, you are great!"

haha. someday! right!

When are we getting together?!?

Anonymous said...

i would take that as a compliment. he has come to expect great things, perhaps because you have given him cause to do so through your consistent success.

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