Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New York House!

Why didn't I take my camera?!? I take it everywhere!! Well, Mackenzie, Kendra, Whitney, Tyler, Heidi, Kevin, and myself all went to New York House on Main and High Street, in Muncie! It was fabulous of course!! We got little laterns, candy, raman noodles, braclets, earrings, bananas, green tea...and Heidi got PANTYHOSE!! How awkward!! But that's NY House for ya!! He brought out these HUGE ribs and a massive plate of pork!! The five of them ate it all!! He made me a giagantic plate of stir fry vegtables. It was wonderful as always. Everyone paid $6 and the drinks were endless. This place is an experience. If you ever want to go, tell me, and I'll take you! Because I love it and we'll have a great time!!

The first time I went was with Jacob, Mike, Matt, Kristen, and Rachel (who was lucky enough to be visiting me!!) There is nothing like going for the first time, but everytime it gets better and more priceless!!

The almond cookies are always great too!! Good times, good times!

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Ray said...

Sounds like an awesome time, sign me up!