Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Expert!

While I was procrastinating, I took a personality test, and it's so true it's scary:

Your Personality Type
INTJ Female (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judger)

You already know you are not the typical, traditional woman. If, at an early age, you concluded that marriage was not for you, you won't marry no matter how attractive or desirable a man appears to be. Or if you decide that you will marry at a specific age - say thirty, forty, or fifty - you will reject any suitor who enters your life before your designated time. You don't care if Prince Charming himself arrives at your door with a wedding ring and roses galore. If he's not on schedule, forget it. As a female Expert, you make your own decisions independent of any pressures from your family, friends, or society, and you will rarely change your mind once you have come to a carefully thought out, logical conclusion. Your optimum match tends to be an equally independent and strong-willed man who can appreciate your individualistic, nonconformist streak.

Either the Expert or the Traditionalist (ESTJ) will do. The Traditionalist is an interesting choice. Because he is a strong, masculine type of male, you will be attracted to his power and competence. He is the cowboy, the man who takes charge. But watch out if he is a strong Sensor (S). If so, his conventional nature may override his other qualities, and he may try to mold you into his ideal traditional wife while ignoring your true personality. Beware of this potential flaw in his nature.

Your Best Match's Information
INTJ general

You are the most independent and strong-willed (some might say stubborn) of all the LoveTypes. Once you make up your mind to do something - whether it’s starting or ending a relationship, or anything in between - you will do what you want to do. And God help anyone who tries to dissuade you.

INTJ how to win love
Plan dates that tap into your Expert’s knowledge of law, science, business, politics, or anything else he or she considers an area of expertise. Remember: Experts strive for mastery in everything, including their hobbies and pastimes. If you can encourage your Expert to display his or her knowledge and competence on a date, this intellectual connoisseur will begin to see you in a favorable light.

INTJ where to meet
Where can you meet an Expert? Here are some popular

Expert hangouts:
The Single Gourmet: a club for singles who enjoy fine dining
Law school libraries and cafeterias
Wine tastings
Computer stores and fairs
Exotic or antique car shows
And anywhere competence, knowledge, education, and intellect are highly valued.

Okay, so that seriously cracks me up.

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