Saturday, September 05, 2009

Shabbat dinner

Last night I went to a dinner/night picnic with about 15 other students. The dorm counselor (like a RA), Gali (who is Israeli) invited us. First, it was all kosher, and since she's religious and has very own dishes, she wouldn't let anyone bring anything, but I could hardly protest, because everything was delicious!! She made green lentil soup, a mushroom sauce for the challah, schnitzel (which I didn't eat, but I heard was delicious) green beans...there was hummus, cabbage, I can't remember everything, but the food just kept coming. She really out did herself, but it was the first real Shabbat I've had here, and it was delightful. All of the guests were foreigners, and mostly Americans. It was so interesting to see the different degrees of practicing religion and the range of political thought in such a small group of "American Jews."

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