Monday, September 28, 2009

Jerusalem for Yom Kippur!

Jerusalem and the Old City are incredibly beautiful, I don't think it can rival the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, but it's still very inspiring to see. After walking around Jerusalem in the morning, we met Monica, our lovely host who is a rabbinical student at HUC. She had made us a great pre-fast meal and I was completely stuffed, although right now, I feel like I haven't eaten for days. 

We went to Kol Nidre services at HUC in the room with an amazing view of the Old City (pictures to come) and listened to cantorial students, rabbinical students, and the first female rabbi ordained in Israel.  

This morning we went to a small reform synagogue close to Monica's house. We walked of course and so did everyone else in Israel. People were on bikes, but NO one was in a vehicle.  We could walk down the middle of the street with no worries, and we did! 

Now, we're biting some time before a Torah study and then more services, and then we'll have break the fast!!!! Just four and a half more hours to go!! =) 

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