Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yesterday, Matt and I flew to Amman. It is a whirlwind and I will expand later, but we went to Mt. Nebo, which is where God showed Moses the promise land, but of course, Moses dies and isn't allowed to go to Israel. It was incredible seeing what Moses would have seen, but Matt and I both agreed that it wouldn't have been smoggy like it was for us, God would have made the view very clear for Moses!

We also went to a town called Madaba that has a nice church with mosaics.

We headed to Amman and went to an awesome amphitheater, you won't believe the pictures when you see them! Then we went to a mosque where I got yelled on for not having pants on and no women were allowed anyway. But we had a wonderful and cheap dinner and headed for to the airport!

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